We asked some of our graduates to tell us how they were doing. Here is what they said:

I cannot say enough good things about One Care Children Services! Their dedication to providing education, life skills training, various therapies and parental support to families affected with various disabilities, far exceed most centers.  I have known Once Care Children Services since the beginning.  They have been a tremendous resource for families and people looking for help dealing with the effects of Autism.  Whether they are newly diagnosed, or have been a regular client, they have provided professional guidance and support that is really needed.  The passion displayed by the staff at One Care Children Services to helping those in need, is second to none.  Most importantly, One Care Children Services gives families hope for a better tomorrow.

– Helen S.

When we first met the director of One Care, my husband and I did not realize how fortunate we were. Our 2 year old daughter was on a long wait list to be diagnosed for ASD and we were receiving only SLP services from the governmental agencies.

We met the team within days, they did a complete assessment of her skills and her needs. The therapy sessions started right away and we started to see changes and most importantly progress. As months and years went by, we appreciated more and more that we had a great team of professionals and dedicated people, but the thing we were most grateful was that they became part of our family. They were with us in good and successful days and they stood by our side in bad and challenging ones. We celebrated together when our daughter mastered a program and we put more effort and tried different and new strategies to achieve the goals set.

We are thankful to all for their hard work and professionalism, for their skills and their knowledge. We would like to thank all of them for their love and care towards our daughter and the great support they gave to our family. I would like to single out one of them, MR who puts her heart in what she does and whose kindness has no limits.

Our daughter is heading to grade 3 this September and she would not have been where she is today without the passion and dedication of the One Care team.

– E

When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, I was lost and needed help. After researching many facilities throughout the Durham region, I found One Care Services and knew they would provide us with the IBI therapy prescribed. The friendly and supportive staff at One Care went above and beyond to ensure my daughter was comfortable, engaged and fulfilling her potential. The amount of gains she made during her sessions were mind blowing! My daughter went from only repeating words to speaking full, intelligent sentences. Her social skills were mastered and her academics went far beyond her age group. We can’t thank the staff at One Care enough for answering all of my questions, being flexible over scheduling and pushing my daughter (and me) to our limits. We will be forever grateful for this experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for help.

– Dawn