One Care Inc is located within Durham Region offering: 

Clinic-based Services in our new building on Simcoe St. N. in Oshawa.  

    • The main floor of the building has been renovated to accommodate small one to one therapy rooms. 
    • The second and lower levels of the building also contains larger spaces for group therapy.  
    • There is a designated area for the children to sit together for meals and snacks.  
    • There is a large room with toys and gross motor equipment, that is used for social play and for breaks from intensive programming. 
    •  Each child has their own material stored near their workstation.  All program and confidential material are placed in locked cabinets when not being used. 

One Care Academy is located in a renovated historical home on Elgin St in Oshawa. 

    • The creative use of space allows for our levelled classrooms.
    •  The large room set up allows for flexible teaching space for group instruction. 
    • Outdoor play spaces are available at this location.  This allows for gross motor, social play and out door skill programming. 
    • A loft seating area is used for group meals and snacks.

Home-based Services are provided in your home anywhere within the Durham region. Travel fees may apply for northern and eastern Durham Region.

    • Depending on the child and goals different set-ups will occur
    • Typically, the family will be asked to designate a space or room that can be used for therapy. 
    • The specific items required for the therapy environment will vary based on the child.  The family and the clinical team will determine individual needs.  
    • A program binder including data will remain in the home.

Community-based Services are provided in whatever environment is required and feasible.

    • When possible, we may support families by implementing programming in: child care centres, nursery schools, camps, private schools, recreation programs or work placement programs.
    • A component of generalization may be to work on skills learned in home or clinic-based therapy in the community.