Services – ABA – Our Program

Services – ABA – Our Program

Our ABA programs are individually designed to meet the needs of your child. 

  • We begin by identifying your goals through a Clinical Intake. 
  • A  curricular assessment using ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, or AFLS to  determine you child’s strengths and needs is completed.
  •  Individualized programs are then created to  increase skills in areas of need. 
  • Programming is delivered in your home, the community or our centre/clinic, depending on your child’s goals.

We offer two streams of ABA services: Comprehensive and Focused.

  1. Comprehensive ABA Services (20 or more hours of therapy per week): Comprehensive ABA programs (also called Intensive Behaviour Intervention) targets goals across all developmental domains.  The goal of this service is to change a child’s overall learning trajectory. Programming is intensive with between 20-40 hours of therapy completed each week.
  2. Focused ABA Services (6-19 hours of therapy per week): Focused ABA programs target a limited number of goals.  The goal of this service is to gain the maximum outcomes within specific areas.

All our ABA programs include a parent training component. Parent training assists in transferring the skills your child has learned in therapy to home and other adults. This training is included for children in home or clinic-based therapy. Group parent training on specific topics may also be offered.

All ABA Services at One Care Inc. are eligible for purchase with your Ontario Autism Program Childhood Budget – see Resources page for more information.

If you have extended health care benefits, we can speak with you to discuss how Supervised Psychological ABA Services may be covered under your plan. Supervised Psychological ABA Services are similar to Focused and Comprehensive ABA, however a Registered Psychologist designs and supervises the program. These services may be covered under your health care benefits plan.

Please contact us for more information or to book an initial consultation.